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Are you interested in creating a community of Wikipedia editors on your campus?

If you believe in the sharing of free knowledge with the entire global community, consider that creating a Wikipedian student organization on your campus is a great way to grow the community of Wikipedia editors. A student organization provides a community for students to learn about and teach others about contributing to Wikipedia.


  • Create opportunities to contribute to the world’s knowledge
  • Gain knowledge as you discover and improve existing Wikipedia articles and create new ones
  • Practice and improve your writing, research, communication, and teaching skills
  • Experience the satisfaction of seeing your work in print
  • Advocate for free knowledge and open source projects within your school community
  • Belong to a community of other students who are interested in contributing to Wikipedia

How to get started

Step How to Start a Wikipedian Student Organization
Number-1 (green)

First, engage in the strategic planning process.

Number-2 (green)

Next, follow these 5 steps.

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Then, plan activities, create your organization's space on this wiki, and conduct outreach. Our Resources for Students can help.