Three Years old

South Africa's Got Talent

This young boy has won South Africa's Got Talent. SA's Got Talent's youngest ever winner! 3 year old @dj_arch_jnr took home a whopping R500 000!

Meet Mzansi’s coolest toddler DJ He’s the youngest known DJ in the world. His killer tunes and swagger is the envy of older children. According to a website for parents’ – – toddlers who are two years of age should be able to have enough balance to jump up with both feet leaving the ground. Can make scribbles holding a pencil and can also feed themselves pretty well now. But not AJ or Arch Junior, the local DJ sensation has the unique ability to lay down some killer tunes and work the crowd into a frenzy. This morning Arch Junior, assisted by his parents Glen Hlongwane and his wife Refilwe, posted this massage on his official Facebook page with more than 13 000 followers: Morning my awesome friends, I’m up early going for my first DJ 101 course at Boston Media House, so excited, I believe they can turn me to a world-class DJ, what are u up 2 this morning?” Glen said he realised his son had an ear for music at an early age when he was presented with an iPad mini to play around with. “I noticed that he loved music so I downloaded a DJ app along with a few of his favourite songs. He was hooked and absolutely loved scratching and playing around with the effects.” Glen said Arch Junior started mixing on his iPad with the use of a vinyl app.

Today Arch Junior’s YouTube videos have received thousands of views and the toddler has is followed by top industry heavyweight DJs such as Fresh, Cleo and Merlon on Instagram.


Later this afternoon Arch Junior said: “First Class done, we did “cueing a track – catching the first beat.” @Malcolm Coleman really made the class fun for me, you are an awesome teacher, thank you so much, God is so good to me, first he blessed me with awesome parents, 2nd he blessed me with amazing fans “you lovely people “and now an awesome teacher, thank you so much and thanx one more time to ‪#‎bostonmediahouse for this awesome opportunity, hoping that I will make everyone proud one day.”